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Thank you for your interest in working with Vision. Please fill out our short Client Questionnaire below as to better help our team in getting an idea of what you would like in a website.

What are you looking for in a website?

Do you have a logo already designed? If so, can you provide this to us in digital format?

Would we need to capture some high quality photography relating to your business? Or is this something you and your staff currently have in digital format?

Do you, or someone on your staff, plan on making any updates to your website in house? If this is something your staff either would not like to do or does not have the time to do, Vision is capable of making changes for you. 

If you answered yes to the prior question, please list what type of content you foresee being changed and how often. ie: events calendar, PDF newsletter, monthly specials, gift certificates, etc.

Do you plan on selling product through an online shopping cart? If so, how many products do you see being listed on the website?

Will your site utilize any special functionality other than a shopping cart? Anything that is beyond displaying text/photos? ie: photo gallery, mortgage calculator, online form submission, customer login, etc.

In general, how many pages do you foresee your website being? For instance, HOME - ABOUT - SERVICES - CONTACT, would be considered a 4 page website. If you don't know the exact amount, please make an educated guess.

Is there someone on your staff capable of proof reading and editing content? If not,  Vision has members on staff capable of doing so.

Are there any websites that you like the design of? If so, please list their URLs below.

What type of look and feel would you like your website to communicate? ie: professional, techy, fun, grungy, etc. 

Are you interested in Optimizing your website for Search Engines? Vision can create your site and content in such a way that we can give you the best chance at ranking highly within Google's Search Engine. 

Please describe your company and your target market.

What is your name, your position within the company, and your company's name?

Why do you and your company want to have a new website, or have your current site redesigned? What are your goals for this site?

Please briefly describe the service or product your organization offers.

What is it about your company or offering that sets you apart from the competition?

Do you have a slogan or tagline that clearly describes what you offer in terms of benefits or features?

Please describe your potential customers. Pay special attention to their income, interests, gender, age, etc.

How do you currently market your business? (billboards, print ads, e-newsletters, etc.)

Do you currently have a URL registered?  ie: 

Do you have web hosting already in place for your website?

Do you currently have company emails set-up that end in your URL? ie: [email protected] If not, is this something you would like?

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