Key Accomplishments

Year 1 – July, 2005 through June, 2006

  • Increased the number of industry partners from four to eight, including five national carriers and three local carriers.
  • Identified Career Lattices/Ladders and initial economic impact data, industry trends, needs analysis and gap survey.
  • Surveyed employers and workers within the Logistics and Transportation cluster formulated and studied the resulting responses of 13 employers and nearly 300 workers within the industry.
  • Created a universal 1st Seat Driver Training Curriculum and corresponding competency progress report system.
  • Established a pipeline for entry-level recruitment through a community awareness campaign.
  • Developed a website providing information on the industry, access to a universal pre-hire application for potential drivers as well as a toll-free number where interested applicants can speak to a TEN representative.
  • Educated CareerLink staff throughout the 14 county region as to the strategic mission of the T.E.E.N. partnership as well as instructions to facilitate customer flow.
  • Trained over 100 incumbent workers in additional over-the-road instruction under the direct supervision of a company approved trainer/mentor (1st Seat Driver).
  • Initiated talks with the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training and reviewed application for apprenticeship.

Year 2 – July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007

  • Expanded the partnership to include the Tri-County Workforce Investment Area (Butler, Armstrong and Indiana counties) forming a 17 county partnership within four Workforce Investment Areas.
  • Identified and recruited additional industry partners, including one national carrier and 21 local L&T; firms located within the 17 county region.
  • Trained over 900 incumbent workers in areas related to warehousing and storage, dispatch, load securement, mechanics and equipment servicing, and additional over-the-road instruction under the direct supervision of a company approved trainer/mentor (1st Seat Driver).
  • Attended Statewide L&T; meeting to present T.E.E.N. goals and objectives, network with other L&T; Industry Partnerships and share best practices.
  • Explored creative financing options for long term partnership sustainability.
  • Targeted funding sources to procure a program manager thereby acquiring additional knowledge of local industry needs, continuing monthly conference calls and meetings, increasing partner awareness and continue a public awareness campaign promoting the positive career opportunities within the Logistics and Transportation cluster.
  • Continued conversations between economic development and national carriers not currently residing in Pennsylvania regarding potential location opportunities.
  • Aided in the establishment of a registered apprenticeship program for one T.E.E.N. employer partner outlining the skills acquisition process, ongoing supervision by trainers/mentors and related classroom instruction.

Year 3 – July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008

  • Fortified policy requirements for 1st Seat Driver Training
  • Performed Quality Assurance Review Pilot to monitor financial records of T.E.E.N. sponsored training activity within national headquarters of two employer partners
  • Identified major challenges and opportunities facing T.E.E.N. partner firms through web-based survey.
  • Formalized steering committee to include one industry partner from each of the four LWIA’s and one national industry partner.
  • Aided in the establishment of a registered apprenticeship program for a 2nd T.E.E.N. employer partner and the application process for a 3rd.
  • Filled nearly 1250 T.E.E.N. sponsored training seats for PA residents currently employed in accounting, dispatch, maintenance, administrative, management and truck driver occupations.
  • Continued community awareness and marketing campaign within the 17 county network as well as surrounding counties to recruit additional truck drivers, warehousing, and mechanics to the L&T; industry.
  • Developed a system of tracking inquiries resulting from T.E.E.N. outreach, including bi-weekly reports listing geographical location (city), date, duration, area code and phone number of inquiries.
  • Developed a system of follow-up to inquiries via a T.E.E.N. sponsored postcard directing them to their local PA CareerLink office for more information.
  • Created additional marketing materials including an informational brochure and T.E.E.N. poster utilized at the statewide L&T; meeting, WIB symposium, job fairs and other regional events.
  • Finalized production of the T.E.E.N. DVD and packaging materials intended to educate the youth to the opportunities in Logistics and Transportation.
  • Strengthened relationships with local L&T; businesses through ongoing support and Business Service Team contacts.
  • Began conceptual design of a formalized Memorandum of Understanding, outlining partnership structure, goals and partner responsibilities.
  • Continued conversations with partner firms toward location opportunities within the Commonwealth, including one national employer partner in search of a maintenance facility which will employ over 40 PA residents near Mechanicsburg, PA.

Year 4 – July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009

  • Inreased IP particpation rate by 20%
  • Distributed T.E.E.N. DVD and lesson plan to area youth with the assistances of RCEP Committees and Youth Councils across all four Workforce Investment Areas.
  • Facilitated ongoing company training assessment using the assistance of Business Service Team Representatives
  • Formalized IP application process and partner Memorandum of Understanding
  • Researched industry specific advancements in technology
  • Performed ongoing outreach and follow-up to job seekers, L&T; firms and other industry stakeholders
  • Collected database of inquiries resulting from outreach efforts and developed related tracking and referral structure
  • Trained over 1000 incumbent workers while implementing employer sponsored cash match policy for long term partnership sustainabily