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Synergistic Business Consortium is comprised of many individuals who are ready to focus on your most important business needs. We consistently maintain your best interests as our highest priority. Services are provided at the highest levels of excellence and integrity with consideration for how all aspects of your business will be affected as improvements are implemented with the assistance of our team.

Larry Fennell/Melanie Matter

FOCUS: Business Process Optimization

Executives will have a more informed look into the effective use of people, process, and technology to ensure enterprise business optimization. You will see how business processes can be enhanced, how information can be more effectively utilized from existing systems, whether outsourcing is a viable option, assessing personnel capabilities toward business goals, and aligning business and technology to improve business operations. The goal is to maximize profits and streamline your operations.

Aligning business and technology is vital to business survival. In a down economy, a focus on a prioritized list of projects will give you time to adjust your course and move opportunistically to improve the bottom line in the most efficient manner. In short, we provide the facts, return on investment,and speed of delivery to back up your intuition and experience.


We combine experience, flexibility, independence, and proven value. With our established methodology and business-centric approach, we will guide you in:

  • Targeting the right opportunities for rapid, bottom-line results.
  • Teaming across IT and business departments to create solutions that fit strategically and operationally.
  • Establishing a reusable approach for your organization’s future developments.

Whatever the scope of your needs, we will scale our services to support you and to complement your in-house capabilities.


With increased competitive pressures on obtaining and retaining business, and keeping costs in line, you will never have a better chance to improve your business competitiveness. The faster your company moves to implement more effective business solutions, the greater and more sustainable are your gains.

Early movers will be the ones who:

  • Skim the cream – targeting the most profitable customers, prospects, and market segments.
  • Lock in customer loyalty and capture greater market share.
  • Maximize the power of e-commerce in obtaining and retaining customers.
  • Operationally integrate mergers and acquisitions with speed and effectiveness.
  • Outperform the competition by understanding cost drivers for both products and customers. Stake out your competitive position. We welcome the chance to support you in the strategic use of business solutions.

Stefanie Hogue/Jack Hogue

FOCUS: Managed Technology Infrastructure Specialists

We help business become more effective by minimizing Information Technology capital expenditures and reducing redundancy, allowing clients to focus on utilizing Information Technology, rather than supporting and maintaining it. We do this by providing a cost-effective platform tailored to their needs at the present time. This platform can be quickly and seamlessly upgraded to meet future or changing needs transparently to the client’s operations without costly capital expenditures on new equipment that becomes obsolete quickly. Since we also service the platform, handling day-to-day datacenter operational details, the client is free to concentrate their IT resources on providing mission critical information and applications.

Jeff Hanna

FOCUS: Managed Retirement Assets

A Qualified Retirement Plan is not only important for your own retirement security; it is paramount to business success. A key tool in attracting and retaining employees, a qualified retirement plan can make your business more competitive in various fashions. Now more than ever, businesses need professional help executing a successful and compliant retirement plan. Even if you can keep on top of the industry changes, it’s likely you don’t have time to implement and communicate them. In addition, the way of doing business in the qualified retirement plan arena has changed. The pressure is on employers to bear more fiduciary responsibility than ever before. Many advisors approach the qualified plan business as if it were merely a commodity; their enthusiasm waning after the sale. We will develop, implement, and service an integrated solution, combined with ongoing support. Our advisors help you by:

  • Analyzing your plan goals and objectives and creating an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to monitor plan investments.
  • Selecting plan providers and evaluating plan expenses based on your needs.
  • Educating and empowering your plan participants so they have confidence in taking more responsibility for their own financial future.
  • Keeping you abreast of legislative changes that affect plan design and fiduciary obligations.

Josh Greenblatt/Jim Wilhelm

FOCUS: Marketing Strategy Specialists

Marketing success is measured by how well you connect with your customers and prospects. Our specialists start by listening intently to you and your team. We help you distill the essence of your brand, define your core audience, and determine the most effective way to capture their hearts and minds. That’s the only way to ensure that every strategy we create, every message we craft, and every solution we build is focused on growing your company, your market, and your profits by making an immediate, impactful, and lasting connection.

Marty St. John

FOCUS: Management Consulting and Training

Our management consulting specializes in three areas: human resource training (both management and non-management), business optimization analysis, and temporary management services. We custom design solutions to meet client needs and situations.

  • Human Resource training programs in leadership, supervisory management, project management, decision-making, customer service, entrepreneurship, and salesmanship are a partial list of recent programs performed for clients. A customer-focused "hands-on" approach is emphasized.
  • Business optimization analysis ranges from structural redesign to project management.
  • Temporary management services are offered in crisis and turnaround situations, as well as an interim solution before permanent personnel are hired.

We have performed these services in the manufacturing, health care, education, and construction sectors, as well as in the small business sectors of wholesaling and retailing.

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