"I designed Nurture Rest for Neonatal Nurses and the preemies they care for daily. This aide recreates a more in-utero feel for preemies and also provides 'kangaroo care' in the incubator while keeping the head, neck, and spine aligned."

- Nicole Kovalyak, BSN, RN

The patented Nurture Rest neonatal positioning device was designed by a neonatal nurse, to be used by neonatal nurses and the preemies that they care for daily. Nurture Rest recreates a more in-utero feel for preemies, providing “kangaroo care” in the isolate, while keeping the infant’s head, neck, and spine aligned. This device gives nurses a vital tool in their daily role of repositioning and caring for these special preemies.

We invite you to use the Nurture Rest positioning device. As nurses, you will see how your preemies respond to this product. Feedback from neonatal nurses, as well as the manner in which preemies respond, offer comforting validation as to the benefits of this product.