Educational Materials

We feel it is important for patients and families to understand as much as possible about their illness. We have videotapes for you to review in our office, and free literature to take home. Please ask about available topics.

Physician-Patient Relations

These are best when based on a mutual understanding. We make a special effort to explain everything to you regarding your child's condition, medicines, treatment, etc. If you have questions, or if something is not clear to you, please ask or call.

We have chosen our personnel, office procedures, and medical equipment with thought and care to provide quality medical services in a pleasant, efficient, and friendly atmosphere. If you have any suggestions or comments about our service or fees, please tell us so we may better serve you and your family.

If you have any concerns or complaints and would like to speak with the Assistant Vice President, Physician Practices, please call 375-2075, or the Service Line Manager at 375-3558.


Your child’s medical record is strictly private. We do not give out information regarding your condition to your employer, friends, or relatives without your permission. The only exception to this is when required by law, as in referral for specialized treatment, industrial injuries, assault, etc.